How to pay

For your own safety*, al the transactions shall be encrypted.
The payments are made by NETOPIA mobilPay Payments, an approved secure payment gateway.
* For more information on card shopping, please refer to the Terms and Conditions section on

If you receive an e-mail asking for your bank card details or similar information, please bear in mind that this e-mail was not sent by The Edit. The Edit will request your account information, but only in response to the requests you made by e-mail or phone or when there are inaccuracies regarding an order that you placed. However, we shall never request your bank details by e-mail. Please do not reply to such requests. When we request your personal data in an e-mail, we shall always ask you to contact us by phone at +40721675380 or by e-mail at We shall never ask you to reply in a link.

If you ever receive an e-mail asking you to provide specific personal details in a link, do not reply, do not click the link and delete that e-mail instantly.

For any inquiries about e-mails, you may call: +4 0731 341 495

What is a phishing e-mail?
The phishing (fraudulent) e-mails are aimed to steal your identity and/or to infect your computer with a virus. These messages request personal data, often by asking you to click a link and directing you to websites or telephone numbers where you are required to provide your personal data. That link shall often attempt to infect your computer with a virus. Afterwards, your personal data shall be misused through Java and Adobe Flash.