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A new visual identity for THE EDIT

A new visual identity for THE EDIT

THE EDIT turns two! 

With a selection of over 40 brands, a recognizable aesthetic and an extended team, our brand transforms its visual identity. 

With the help of the Danish studio HOMEWORK, we are proud to unveil a new logo and an updated brand identity for

HOMEWORK is an interdisciplinary graphic and design studio specialised in visual identity and brand image.  HOMEWORK's portfolio includes brands like YSL, Fritz Hansen, Bottega Veneta and Comme des Garçons.

We're happy to share an interview with Kristina Valberg, Client and Design Manager, and Agnete Emilie Gjølby, Design Director:         

Please tell us a bit about Homework.

Homework is a creative direction & design studio specialising in brand  expression, visual identity, print and packaging within living, luxury and lifestyle. The creative strategy and signature aesthetic of Homework carefully balance both timeless and progressive design. We believe in the beauty of cultivating brands and businesses to be relevant and remarkable.

What were your first thoughts when approached by The Edit? 

We were met by two remarkable women, Magda and Irina, looking to reframe their brand to be simple yet sophisticated, modern yet timeless. We set out on a journey to create a brand identity that feels current but classic enough that it can live for a long time.

How do the two chosen typefaces complement each other? 

The logo has wide letter shapes with pointy serifs for a laid back elegance and feels both high-end and friendly. The signature typeface is a modern interpretation of a classic style, which thanks to slightly compressed proportions can be set very tightly for strong visual impact. 

We are very happy with our new identity and excited to finally share it with you, the design lovers community in Romania!

On our second anniversary, we're also introducing three new brands to our collection: MENUSTOREFACTORY and STEAMERY.  From aesthetic additions to practical items, give your home the love it deserves with the very best in European design, now on the new and updated